A Long Weekend in Cornwall…

With its picture postcard beaches, charming fishing villages and enviable climate, it’s little wonder that Cornwall, the region in the far south west of the UK, is popular with holidaymakers year after year. While the area is great for a week’s holiday, it’s also the perfect place to escape for a long weekend away. Foodie...

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5 Books to Read about England

May 25, 12 5 Books to Read about England

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Before you head to the erstwhile imperial capital of the world, you might want to learn something about its history, its landscapes, its battles, and its people. To help you on your journey, I have selected five books to check out from the library or buy from Better World Books. These titles offer a glimpse into the world that is...

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10 Pubs To Grab A Pint at in Liverpool

May 21, 12 10 Pubs To Grab A Pint at in Liverpool

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Pubs in Liverpool are famous for their diversity. The city of London and its peripheral areas including Liverpool has lots of bars and clubs disclosing the nobility of the city and the street. Liverpool is the only street in London that enjoys the blue-collar seaport culture and old-fashioned pubs. Pubs and bars in Liverpool feature...

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Headed To England? 5 Cities To Visit On Your Journey!

May 01, 12 Headed To England? 5 Cities To Visit On Your Journey!

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England may be small but the country has a large variety of amazing places to visit. It has a rich culture, history and wildlife. If you are planning to visit England for vacation, here are 5 cities worth a stop to grab a pint! 1. London: London blends old and modern worlds together, which boasts of having a lot of Britain’s...

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Visiting North England – Beatles, Football, & Beer

Apr 16, 12 Visiting North England – Beatles, Football, & Beer

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When traveling to England or the UK, most people head straight to London. Once they have been to London, many believe that they have seen all they need to see in England. They could not be more wrong. Last fall, I was able to spend four months in Manchester, England and loved every second of it. It was my fourth time in England and...

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10 Breweries in Europe You Have To See

Mar 16, 12 10 Breweries in Europe You Have To See

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Breweries around Europe have become an interesting tourist destination for many. Whether you’re interested in the history of beer, or just want to grab a pint – visiting a brewery can be a great time! A visit to some of these factories can be a fascinating activity, particularly for those interested in the art and...

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10 Things You HAVE to See in London, Part 1

London is one of the most vivacious cities on Earth. From sitting on top of a Double Decker bus, to roaming Oxford street  – you’ll be swept away by London. With approximately 1,610 square kilometers, 8 million dwellers, and thousands of must-sees, London is the ideal place for a weekend get away. From fascinating...

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